Monday, October 29, 2007

Das Boot - The Original Uncut Version

Das Boot is one of my all time favorite movies. I have seen this movie probably around a dozen times but never got bored of this. A truly amazing movie.

The theatrical version of this movie runs for 145 minutes. The Director's cut runs for 209 minutes and that's the version I own (and have seen dozen times). There is also the Original Uncut version, which runs for 293 minutes and is the complete version that ran on German television. I have never seen this version before and when I saw this DVD at Virgin stores for £12, I couldn't resist it.

I managed to watch the whole movie yesterday, in one sitting. 5 hours non-stop! Now I understand why this version is considered superior to the other versions. The extra screen time gives the director more liberty to develop the characters, which adds all the intensity that is required for the unforgettable climax.

However, I'm not sure whether I would watch this version repeatedly as I watched the other one. Five hours of viewing a strongly emotional movie makes me tired. Next time when I feel like watching the movie again, I might probably end up reaching for the shorter version DVD.

But I would recommend the longer version for everyone - at least to watch it once.

Note: It's pretty sad that there isn't an option in the Uncut version DVD to run the shorter Director's cut version. If there was such an option, I would have donated my shorter version DVD to someone!

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