Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Introducing Mr. Bell & Mr. Gem.

You know Mr. Bell. Don’t you? Probably he (or she) is called with a different name in your organization, but I’m pretty confident that every one would have met him (or her) sometime or the other.

You see, Mr. Bell is a reasonably sensible software engineer who can come up with creative solutions for simple problems and plagiaristic solutions for complex problems and hopelessly useless solutions for ReallyComplex™ problems. However his solutions and suggestions are almost always rejected by his superiors irrespective of how well or poor they are and he is powerless to do anything about it.

He does all the activities a software engineer is expected to do, including but not limited to - designing, coding, testing, writing proposals, estimating efforts, allocating tasks to his team members, conducting interviews, filling timesheets & appraisal forms. He also gives investment tips to his co-workers, helps the network administrators to differentiate between a power cable and a LAN cable, trains the managers on how to enable the ‘Out Of Office’ facility in Microsoft Outlook, assists the senior managers to change the font settings in their PowerPoint presentation and tries to explain the vice presidents about the difference between a programming language called Java and an Indonesian island with the similar name.

Being a true engineer, he also lies during the quality audits, gets unhappy with his appraisal ratings, complains about his salary once every three months, and get frustrated with the incompetent co-workers. In short, he is like Dilbert with out a tie - curved or not.

Bell has seen or involved with various incidents in his professional life, which he thinks, are really funny. He will be sharing some of those moments here in my blog.

And what about Mr. Gem? That has to wait for sometime.

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