Tuesday, August 07, 2007

General disclaimer

Be warned. This is Quefithe, a strange and confusing land.

The blog entries here that appear real may have been altered, removed or exaggerated to varying degrees from the original incident for reasons that will go unspecified. The stories that may appear either original or fictitious could actually be entirely fictitious or entirely original or a mix of original stories with fictitious characters or fictitious story with original characters or any other possible combinations you can think of. Any indication in the content that might lead the reader to conclude the true nature of the story should be considered purely accidental and the author can’t be held liable for the understandings of the readers.

When the author says "my friend”, it might refer to the “author’s friend” or might refer to “author’s friend’s friend”. Technically, the author also qualifies as “author’s friend’s friend” and hence “my friend” might also refer to the author himself.

Conversely, when the author says “I”, it might not actually refer to the author but it might refer to "author’s friend" or to "author’s friend’s friend". And hence for the same technical reason explained above, sometimes the “I” might refer to the author himself.

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